Arthritis is a common disease that affects a lot of people across the world, with new cases identified each day. When you suffer from arthritis, it becomes clear that not only joints are affected. It can cause severe fatigue, weight loss, anemia, fevers, and other additional problems that are related to major organs. Usually, sufferers will experience dry mouth, damaged nerves, small skin lumps, and shortness of breath.

If you do not want to undergo surgery or take prescription medications, there are many home remedies that have been proven to be a success in treating arthritis. Most of the ingredients used in these natural remedies can easily be found. These are the most common home remedies. You should note that their results will vary from one person to another as the disease progresses and manifests differently in each individual.


cinnamonCinnamon is well-known for alleviating symptoms of arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, cinnamon is effective for treating pains and aches, particularly when they are worse with cold weather. However, taking cinnamon in large doses can be quite detrimental to your overall health. Moreover, it has been found to have harmful effects on pregnant women.

Willow Bark

This is simply the bark of willow trees. Recent studies have found that this bark has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with pain relief. The active ingredient is salicin and can be fatal if used in large doses because it shuts down the kidneys. You should note that there is limited research in this case. The product has been shown to help reduce fevers, stiff joints, and muscle aches. It is quite tricky to get the right dosage.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is well-known to aid pain relief and reduce swelling. The major ingredient in black pepper is capsaicin that is said to relieve arthritis. You will find this ingredient in most over-the-counter lotions and creams that are most associated with medications used to treat inflammations. Recent studies have shown that black pepper has positive effects in treating rheumatoid arthritis. Since the product is applied through the use of lotions and creams, its relief is only temporary, and you need to use it frequently.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its anti-inflammatory and joint-protecting properties. It contains antioxidants that are known to boost the immune system. Although green tea has shown good effects on immune system disorders and inflammation, most of the evidence has been on animal studies. As you wait for the results on humans, there is no harm to enjoying a cup of green tea.