The neck pain is one of the most common types of pain especially in today’s world that is full of stressful situations. Some of the neck pain is caused by the choices we make. Some are aggravated by the things we continue doing without knowing they are the cause of the pain.

Here are tips to prevent neck pain

Sleeping position

sleepThe recommended sleeping position to help ease neck pain is sleeping on one’s back. This position makes it easy to align the neck and spine. If one has to use a pillow, then it is recommended that they use the cervical pillow. The best cervical pillow is one which is contoured to cater for the neck and the head. For those who side sleepers, one should ensure that the pillow they use for this is less than for inches. This is mainly because the increased height of the pillow destroys the neck alignment.

Telephone use

Most people talk on the phone while doing other things with their hands. This makes them use the ear and the shoulder to hold the phone to talk on hands-free. This posture causes a misalignment in the neck while at the same time stressing …