When we smile, we appear appealing to anyone who sees us. But unfortunately, some conditions like crooked teeth, broken tooth, gum tissue loss, prevent us from smiling freely. Not only do they affect the aesthetics of our look, but they also bring discomforts. In the long run, those conditions can impair our confidence and health.

Cosmetic dentistry is a medical field that specifically overcomes dental-related issues. It can treat dental misalignment and dull color. Cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to improving the beauty of our smile.

However, before you rush directly to the nearest dental clinic, there are three basic things that you have to know.

The Truth About Teeth Whitening

a mouth replicaExpert assistance is, of course, necessary in this matter. But you should know that there are products that allow you to whiten your teeth by yourself. Medical technology has facilitated us with methods and means that are easily accessible and feasible. Whitening toothpaste, whitening kit, white strips, charcoal powder, and vinegar are some examples of the whitening products.

The first rule about teeth whitening is that you must not have it too often. If you do to a dentist, he/she will tell you the maximum frequency of how many times you can get the treatment. What you have to be careful about is when you try to apply teeth whitening products by yourself. In principle, teeth whitening procedures recover the natural color of a tooth. And what has made it yellowish in the first place is the tooth coat. Therefore, removing that coat is what makes the tooth white. And If you do the treatment too much, the whitening products do not just scrape away the stains but also the healthy enamel.

Fixing the Broken Tooth

broken tooth illustrationFor various reasons such as tooth cavity, accident, and aging defect, we may have broken tooth that ruins our look when we smile. And to fix the condition, dental veneers, crowns, and implants are your option.

Veneers are the best to cover up a chipped tooth. But it can also be used to treat severe tooth discoloration. A veneer is a tooth layer made of either porcelain or composite. And although more and more dentists are prescribing porcelain veneers these days, the composite has its benefits:

  1. Compared to porcelain, composite veneers are cheaper.
  2. Composite veneers require less expertise to apply.
  3. When a composite veneer is damaged, it can be restored partially, unlike the porcelain that needs a total replacement.

To fix a tooth that is severely degraded by cavities, a dental crown implant is required. There three materials for a crown: porcelain/ceramic, zirconia, and acrylic. Typically, they can last up to 15 years, depending on the carefulness of the patient. A porcelain crown is preferable to fix the front teeth because porcelain can give a much brighter and more natural look than the other materials. However, porcelain can be pretty fragile and easily fractured.

For a more certain decision, you need to consult a dentist to know which treatment suits you the best.

Dental Braces vs. Invisalign

invisalign deviceInvisalign is made possible by the development in 3D printing technology. It does help to treat people with misaligned teeth without all the discomforts and unattractive looks of dental braces. However, the treatment can be costly because a newer printed Invisalign device is needed every time a structural shift is noticeable.

Dental braces, on the other hand, can be a cheaper alternative. But as you may have known, they can obstruct you when you eat or talk. Dental braces also require you to wear them permanently for years before you can see a result.

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