If you experience a low sperm count, then you are like most men who are suffering in silence. You may be surprised to learn that infertility is quite common. There are various things you can do to increase sperm volume. Usually, you can increase the amount of semen produced by the body with lifestyle changes, taking certain semen enhancers, and eating a healthy diet.

Exercise Often

As you know, exercise is quite important for your overall health. By exercising, you can increase your testosterone levels. Some studies have revealed that most men who exercise on a routine basis have improved semen quality and testosterone levels. This does not mean you exercise a lot as it can have a negative impact on your testosterone levels.

Get Vitamin C

semen enhancing pillsVitamin C is quite important in boosting your immune system. By taking antioxidants, you can reverse your infertility. When you do not take vitamin C, you increase the oxidative stress in the body and it can get to harmful levels. Also, you tend to have higher oxidative stress because of an unhealthy lifestyle, old age, environmental pollutants, and unhealthy lifestyle.

Avoid Stress

The truth is that it is difficult to be in the mood when you are stressed. Other than reducing your sexual appetite, it can also reduce your semen production. This is partly attributed to a hormone called cortisol. Whenever there is an increase in this hormone, you will experience a reduction of testosterone levels.

Get Adequate Vitamin D

You should note that vitamin D is quite important as far as male fertility is concerned. It is an important nutrient that increases testosterone levels. Although there is no conclusive evidence, men who have lower vitamin D levels have been found to suffer from fertility.

Use Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a medicinal herb that is used around the world. It can also be used in cooking. For instance, you can use it in making herbal tea. If you cannot find this herb, you can instead use supplements made from it. Studies show that when you take fenugreek, you boost your testosterone levels, fat loss, and boost strength.

Get Zinc Supplements

You should note that zinc is a vital mineral that is readily found in animal foods. Therefore, you should eat foods such as eggs, fish, and meat. By getting adequate amounts of zinc, you can reverse your infertility and boost your sperm count.

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