Among the difficult decisions to make among the transgender community is if to take facial feminization surgery or not. Well, this is a very sensitive field, and qualified surgeons should do the procedure. The candidates are advised to approach the right transgender surgeon. Such surgeons should be highly experienced and skilled in performing such procedures. This article will give you tips that will make the process of selecting the right surgeon easy. Read on.

Procedure Options

Facial feminization surgery can be done in a single procedure or can take several to achieve the feminine look. Some of the procedures used include tracheal shaving, rhinoplasty, scalp advancement, forehead contouring, chin implants, jaw shaving, mandible, blow lifts and many more. It is therefore important to approach a surgeon who has the right knowledge and many years of experience in performing the above procedures. It should be a matter of perfection here. Many surgeons claim to perform such surgeries but you must be sure with however you are choosing.

Search Online

operation roomBefore making the final decision about the surgeon, it is important to carry out extensive research about them. You will realize that many of the surgeons have excellent websites and social media pages explaining what they offer. Such websites should not lure you into believing everything they say. Carry out your research to make sure that previous clients are delighted.

Online reviews play an important role in determining if the surgeon is up to standard. Satisfied customers will always go online and say good things about the specific surgeon. Some customers will go as far as posting before and after photos of themselves. Such reviews are what you should be looking for. They give you a perfect idea of what to expect.

Knowledge and Credentials

Reputable surgeons will be more than willing to provide proof of their credentials and qualifications. If you come across a surgeon, who does not want to reveal such information, take it as a red sign and search for another one. Since this is a specialized field of surgery, the surgeons have a loyal patient base and more so if their services are outstanding. Make sure to choose a surgeon who improves their knowledge about the procedure continuously. The technology in the medical field change as years go by and hence the need for surgeons and other medics to stay updated.

Post-Surgery Care

post surgery careAn FFS surgeon should ensure that his patients are provided with the best post-surgery care for the best healing. In cases where the patients undergo full transition, they should be taken through a package with counseling sessions. In addition to that, all patients should be provided with the necessary antibiotics, painkillers and any other medication required for speedy recovery. Some surgeons will go as far as making sure that the patient gets the necessary support system such as a driver a home helper to assist with speedy recovery.

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