There are couples who have tried unsuccessfully to have kids. In the event that you are such a couple and are not willing to visit a fertility clinic, you may consider paying more attention to test kits. Although the test kits have been around for some time, not many people know how to use them well.


Since most of these are readily available to the general public, there is no reason why one shouldn’t make use of them. There is also a lot of information available online on how to use the kit to test for either pregnancy. Since there is no health risk involved in using these kits, it is a high time that people made use of them, especially those having problems in conceiving a child.

Ovulation Test Kit

This kit is meant to help a woman know when she expects to ovulate. The ovulation period is the most fertile time in a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is, therefore, the best time for her to conceive. Having an intercourse at this time significantly improves her chances of becoming pregnant. The kit relies on testing for the upsurge of Luteinizing hormone, LH that is found in a woman’s urine. Towards ovulation, the levels of the hormone spike and this is easily noticeable in the woman’s urine. Before using the test, a woman should understand the length of her cycle well so that she knows when she expects her ovulation.


A menstrual cycle usually begins on the first day when a woman menstruates and continues up until the last day before her next menstruation. Ovulation occurs towards the mid of the cycle. In case one does not understand her cycle well, testing should start at the 10th since she started menstruating and continues until an upsurge in the levels of LH is noticed. Such levels mean that ovulation will happen in a day or two.

Pregnancy Test Kit

This one is more widely used as compared to an ovulation kit. However, just like the ovulation kit, it relies on a hormone abbreviated as HCG, which is usually present when a woman is pregnant. The test is fairly accurate with the ability to detect pregnancy as early as five days before the next expected date of menstruation. It is however recommended that one wait until they have missed at least one period before testing to get more results that are accurate. Just like the ovulation kit, results interpretation is easy.


These two kits are readily available in pharmacy shops. They are also fairly affordable which means that anyone can buy them. When well used, they will greatly improve the chances of having a child.