Many people think that the term hemp and marijuana refer to the same thing. However, this is wrong. The two have been used by many people interchangeably. One would find that in many songs that are composed to praise marijuana, the writer uses the term hemp for lyrical purposes. Hemp and marijuana are both popular names for the cannabis plant.

Some people, ask about hemp versus marijuana, the word cannabis refer top burning or a smoking joint. In reality, the word cannabis refers to the industrial hemp products such as the medical and the recreational drug is commonly known as marijuana. How is hemp different and unique from marijuana?

Difference in genetic composition

treesWithout our history, human beings are known to be larger cultivators of the cannabis plant. It was used for medical purposes as well industrial uses. In their cultivation, although they were unable to document, farmers were divided into two. The fast lot of farmers who cultivated the cannabis plant grew a high species with sturdy characteristics. This type of cannabis was used to make food components, textile and oils products. Ropes and fabric were made from this kind of cannabis. This lot of farmers cultivated the hemp.

There was another lot of farmers that cultivated a particular type of cannabis. This cannabis had the characteristics of being green in color and did not grow too tall height. It was known to produce a strong adore. This type of cannabis was used for purely medical and religious purposes. This type of cannabis today is called the marijuana. It is still used for the same purposes. The genetic composition of the two was and still are different.

Levels of HTC and CBD content

One of the similarities between marijuana and hemp is the presence of unique components called cannabinoids. Scientific research has discovered that there are close to 100 species of cannabinoids. However the most outstanding and conspicuous are the THC. Both hemp and marijuana show a substantial amount of the chemical in themselves. However, the composition of the chemical is different in both the plants. In marijuana, the THC levels are higher compared to the levels in hemp.

This is the property that authorities today use in differentiating the hemp from marijuana. Generally if the THC level is above 0.5%, the cannabis is classified as marijuana. In addition to this, CBD is another common type of cannabinoids. The hemp has a higher level of CBD that marijuana. Further research has shown that CBD suppresses the level of THC in a plant. This explains why the two plants can be used together.

Legal status

CBD Many countries in the world have controlled the production and the consumption of the cannabis products. It cannabis illegal? The answer is no. The hemp type of cannabis is grown in many parts of the world. Marijuana is banned in almost every state. Wants draw the line is the chemical composition of the two plant. Many people have urged that marijuana is used for the medical purpose and therefore, should be legalized, but these have been met with a lot of opposition.

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