It is common to see people with missing or chipped teeth. Different people give different reasons for these dental imperfections. To some, tooth loss could be as a result of an accident, poor oral health it could be because of age. Whichever the cause, it is important to have these imperfections worked on. The best way to go about filling these empty spaces is to use dental implants Livingston. Implants offer a wide range of benefits.

What is a Dental Implant?

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A dental implant is a small post or insertion made directly into the bone of your jaw. Ideally, this post acts as the root of an artificial tooth. With an implant, patients can connect it to crowns, dentures and fixed bridges depending on their preferences. All these benefits offer unique benefits depending on your oral goals.

Having an implant goes a long way in improving your oral health and even restore its functionality. If you were unable to eat hard grains, having an implant means you can eat whatever you wish to eat. Besides the functional benefits, implants also improve your appearance and oral health.

Who Needs an Implant?

Anyone can suffer from tooth loss at some point. However, the main casualties are persons that fail to observe oral hygiene. Poor nutrition like excessive snacking and eating sugary food can also lead to tooth loss. Failure to take good care of your teeth causes significant damage to your teeth, not forgetting that your teeth have to endure substantial wear and tear.

If you lose a single tooth, failure to address this situation often makes you susceptible to a condition known as bone loss. Thus, irrespective of why or how you might have lost a tooth, you might benefits a lot from having some implants.

tooth replacementThe Risk of Having Empty Gaps on Your Jaw

No matter how you’ve lost your teeth, replacing them fast goes a long way in maintaining your oral health. Whenever you lose your teeth, the bone tissue loses its strength almost immediately and starts diminishing. This condition is known as bone loss or bone resorption. This makes you feel uncomfortable and interferes with the stability of other teeth and your appearance.

Besides the realm of bone loss, tooth loss also means having limited food options. In some cases, bone loss might make you acquire a list or some speech impairment. Going for dental implants helps you find a permanent solution for tooth loss.

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