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Manufacture by Thomas EMS and distribute by Worldwide EMS Equipment Sales a team with high quality products low prices and exceptional service. Like,Thomas als ultra pack, aeromed pack, ems pediatric pack, emergency responder pack, aed packs, ems heating packs. Products sold by Thomas E.M.S. must pass our strict field testing and evaluation process before being presented to our loyal customers. The products currently available and many more currently being evaluated, represent the finest Quality EMS products for better patient care. Thomas E.M.S. specializes in: Marketing expertise Internal sales professionals Outside product specialist Key distributor relationships Versatile manufacturing sourcing and facilities International product distribution Biomedical product development Legal applications and protection for product development Many of our products have been developed by practicing physicians, paramedics and EMTs. We encourage any creative individuals to contact us about bringing their new product idea to market.
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Emergency Medical Packs

Emergency Medical Packs

The Emergency Medical Pack will carry a "C" sized oxygen bottle with lateral mount regulator, airway equipment, I.V. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT241 Emergency Medical Pack, (Clear IV Bags) Black $354.83
TH-TT240S Emergency Medical Pack, (Shell Only) Black $205.28
TH-TT200S Emergency Medical Pack, (Shell Only) Blue $205.28
TH-TT240 Emergency Medical Pack, Black $234.60
TH-TT200 Emergency Medical Pack, Blue $363.00
Medical Support Pack

Medical Support Pack

3 removable I.V. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT640 Medical Support Pack, Black $291.30
TH-TT641 Medical Support Pack, Black (With Clear IV Bags) $291.30
TH-TT600 Medical Support Pack, Red $291.30
TH-TT610 Medical Support Pack, Red (With Clear IV Bags) $291.30
Multi Purpose Pack

Multi Purpose Pack

Support pack, intubation pack, first aid, daily accessory pack or basically whatever purpose you find for it. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT940 Multi Purpose Pack, Black $38.07
TH-TT920 Multi Purpose Pack, Blue $38.07
TH-TT900 Multi Purpose Pack, Orange $38.07
TH-TT960 Multi Purpose Pack, Red $38.07
The Thomas EMS Pediatric Pack

The Thomas EMS Pediatric Pack

Eight separate high visibility removable pouches designed to treat all pediatric patients up to 36kg. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT105F Fill Kit Only $669.59
TH-TT105 Thomas Pediatric Pack (w/o supplies) $546.32
Thomas ALS Ultra Pack

Thomas ALS Ultra Pack

The ability to carry a "D", Jumbo "D", or European style oxygen tank Increased reflectivity on the sides of the pack Increased exterior pocket size and depth to hold an additional... [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT1541 ALS Ultra (Clear IV Bags), Black $464.31
TH-TT154S ALS Ultra (Shell Only), Black $260.00
TH-TT152S ALS Ultra (Shell Only), Blue $260.00
TH-TT150S ALS Ultra (Shell Only), Orange $260.00
TH-TT156S ALS Ultra (Shell Only), Red $260.00
TH-TT154 ALS Ultra, Black $464.31
TH-TT156 ALS Ultra, Red $464.31
TH-TT152 Thomas ALS Ultra, Blue $464.31
TH-TT1521 Thomas Bag ALS Ultra (Clear IV Bags), Blue $464.31
TH-TT1561 Thomas Bag ALS Ultra (Clear IV Bags), Red $464.31
Thomas Aeromed Pack

Thomas Aeromed Pack

The Aeromed Pack is specifically designed for initial care of the critically ill or injured patient. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT892 Aeromed , Blue $146.63
TH-TT896 Aeromed , Red $150.00
TH-TT890 Aeromed ,Orange $150.00
TH-TT894 Aeromed, Black $146.63
TH-TT850 Backpack Straps for Aeromed Pack $9.30
Thomas Emergency Responder Pack

Thomas Emergency Responder Pack

The ER pack is most commonly used for ambulance, search and rescue, high rise rescue, helicopter or as a personal medical kit. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT820 Emergency Responder Pack, Blue $107.53
TH-TT860 Emergency Responder Pack, Red $110.00
TH-TT800 EMS BLS Packs $107.53
TH-TT840 Responder Pack, Black $107.53
TH-TT850 Shoulder Straps for Emergency Responder Pack $8.80
AED Packs

AED Packs

The outside of the pack is clearly marked for quick and easy identification of the unit and the large front external pocket is capable of carrying even the largest rechargeable Lithium or spare... [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT834 AED Pack, Black $146.63
TH-TT832 AED Pack, Blue $146.63
TH-TT836 AED Pack, Red $146.63
TH-TT830 AED Packs $146.63
EMS ALS Medication Hard Case

EMS ALS Medication Hard Case

The Thomas ALS Medication Hard Case features a Large Removable Padded Drug Case located in the lid of the Case. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT434 ALS Hard Case, Yellow $372.00
TH-TT423 Thomas ALS Hard Case, Gray $307.91
TH-TT424 Thomas ALS Hard Case, Orange $307.91
EMS Airway Hard Case

EMS Airway Hard Case

The Thomas Airway Hard Case features a large removable Intubation Kit, located in the lid of the Case. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT431 Airway Hard Case, Orange $355.00
TH-TT432 Thomas Airway Hard Case, Gray $307.91
TH-TT433 Thomas Airway Hard Case, Yellow $307.91
EMS BLS Hard Case

EMS BLS Hard Case

The Thomas BLS Hard Case features a removable lid section that contains 6 color coded pockets, designed to hold all of your BLS response equipment. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT428 Thomas BLS Hard Case, Gray $307.91
TH-TT429 Thomas BLS Hard Case, Orange $307.91
TH-TT430 Thomas BLS Hard Case, Yellow $307.91
Thomas Hard Case Components Sold Separately

Thomas Hard Case Components Sold Separately

Thomas Hard Case Components Sold Separately [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT331 BLS Lid Section $112.41
TH-TT742 Foam Divided Base $58.65
TH-TT321 Large Removable Drug Case $112.41
TH-TT341 Large Removable Intubation Kit $112.41
Thomas EMS Heating Packs

Thomas EMS Heating Packs

Adjustable back pack straps with chest connect for long distance rescue and treatment Back pack straps can also be tucked away inside the pack if not needed Hold ups to 3 liters of IV... [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT651 110 V Converter $53.76
TH-TT520 Insulated IV Bag $53.76
TH-TT521 Insulated Tubing $24.44
TH-TT654 Thomas EMS Heating Pack, Black $386.11
TH-TT650 Thomas EMS Heating Pack, Red $386.11
Thomas EMS Clima-Tech

Thomas EMS Clima-Tech

Clima-Tech is designed by EMS professionals for use in extreme hot or cold conditions. When storing or carrying pharmaceuticals there are situations where a controlled environment is not available. [ Learn more... ]
TH-CLIMA1-O Clima-Tech Climate Controlled EMS Case, Yellow $1,852.36
TH-CLIMA1-Y Clima-Tech Climate Controlled EMS Case, Yellow $1,852.36
The Therapeutic Hypothermia Induction Case

The Therapeutic Hypothermia Induction Case

The CHILLCORE™ Case automatically switches to battery power when removed from the vehicle and will operate on its own internal batteries for up to 90 minutes. [ Learn more... ]
TH-TT652 110 V. Power Cord for ChillCore Case $90.22
TH-TT520 Insulated IV Bag $53.76
TH-TT305 Small Insulated Red Drug Case for Chillcore $41.50
TH-TT653 Temperature Data Logger $43.99
TH-TT453 Thomas ChillCore Case (Desert Tan) $920.00
TH-TT450 Thomas ChillCore Case (Yellow) $920.00
TH-TT451 Thomas ChillCore Case (Yellow) $920.00
40 products (displaying 1 to 15)