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Worldwide EMS Equipment Sales & Ferno, Plus The Finest Manufacturers Stretchers For EMS. With Low Prices And Exceptional Service. Come Together To Bring You Products Like Emergency Stretchers, Ems Stretcher, Ferno Stretchers, Titan Stretcher, Rescue Stretcher,Basket-Type Stretchers, Medical Corps-Type Folding Stretchers, Easy-Fold Pole Stretchers, Stretcher Kits And Cases, Full-Length Backboards, Half Backboards, Folding Backboards, All-Purpose Cots For Sickrooms And Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretchers, Mule, Litter, Wheel, Plastic Stretchers, Basket Stretchers, Stryker Stretchers, Canvas Stretchers, Folding Stretchers, Ambulance Stretchers, Ems Stretchers, Gurney, Cot, Titan Rescue Stretchers, Ferno, Junkin Stretchers, Mule Litter Wheel, Plastic Basket , Traverse Bugaboo, Rescue Litter, Model 71 Basket, Basket Carrying Case, Civil Defense Stretchers Splint, Flotation Collar For A Splint, Military Type Basket Stretchers, Plastisol Coated Splin, Splint Basket Lightweig Stretchers, Flotation Collar, Bracket For Basket, Two-Piece Basket Stretchers, Bridal Sling, Basket Stretchers, Rescue Stretchers • Orders From Outside The USA • We Deliver Quality Products Worldwide. Most Products Are Available For Export Sales To Over 175 Countries Around The World. • You Can Order From Outside The United States Using Our Website. Worldwide EMS Equipment Sales Will Deliver Your Order To Most Any Country. • Here’s What You Need To Know When Ordering From Outside The United States: Send Your Order Through The Website; We Will Contact You With A Shipping Quote. This Will Come Via E Mail Within 1-3 Days After You Order. You Will Need To Confirm That You Want To Pay The Shipping Charges, And Then Your Order Will Be Sent Out. • You Are Responsible For Clearing The Products Through Customs And Paying Any Customs Duties . • Restrictions May Apply To International Shipments Contact Sales Department For More Information: • If You Would Rather Not Place Your Order On The Website, You Can Fax, E-Mail, Or Mail Your Order To Us At The Following: Worldwide EMS Equipment Sales. 2711 SW 137th Ave Ste 81. Miami FL 33175-6360. United States • • Fax: +1 786-257-5693 . .