Rescue Chair by AOK Model 1900

Rescue Chair by AOK Model 1900
SKU: FE-1900

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Product Description
"The AOK Rescue Chair relies on rugged, yet lightweight, aluminum and steel construction to create a balanced and stable rescue platform while safety locks and a hook-and-loop straps secure the chair's integrity. The adjustable headrest, heavy duty vinyl / nylon seat, reversible self-locking telescoping bar and rubber belted traction system provide a safe and comfortable unit for the rapid evacuation of disabled passengers. The hook-and-loop restraint straps at the head, waist and legs keep the passenger fastened safely and securely in the AOK Rescue Chair during evacuation. The built in lift-bar makes lifting or carrying a person up stairs easy and the high-visibility bright orange emergency-style color reduces the chance of accidents. The fully collapsible AOK Rescue Chair can be hung on the wall from a bracket for convenient storage and an optional dust cover has printed instructions. A complete training video tape is included at no charge."
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