Model 700 Strobe Lighthead , Red

Model 700 Strobe Lighthead , Red
SKU: WH-702000RU

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Product Description
Mid-sized, wide angle warning in a wide variety of mounting configurations and light sources. A versatile lighthead that can provide scenelighting and signaling capability, flush mounted Opti-Intersector™ warning.. 60 watt snap-in halogen lamp provides high intensity warning.Soldered-in strobe tubes and improved gasket material assures greater vibration and moisture resistance.Strobe tubes are parabolically centered within a highly polished reflector for maximum light output..Linear strobe tubes carry a two year Gold Medallion warranty.A newly designed gasket allows mounting directly into a hole cut-out on the vehicle without using a housing or a flange.a wide variety of mounting options can be purchased separately and include cast aluminum housing for one or three lightheads, Grille-Master™ housings with pedestal/swivel bracket come in chrome or black finish, and cast aluminum grille light housings..Furnished with 15’ 3-C shielded cable and Amp Mate-N-Lok´┐Ż connectors (require a strobe power supply, purchased separately).Available in all 5 safety colorsCertifications:.KKK 1822-E - Federal Ambulance Specification.CAC, Title 13, Article 22 (red, blue and amber lightheads).SAE J1318 - Gaseous Discharge Warning Lamp for Authorized Emergency, Maintenance, and Service Vehicles (May 98) Class 1, Class 2, Class 3.NFPA 1901 - (1999 Edition) For NFPA application consult current NFPA Specification Lighting Packages Catalog
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