Micro Edge & Micro Lfl Assemblies - Micro Lfl, 3 Lamp

Micro Edge & Micro Lfl Assemblies - Micro Lfl, 3 Lamp

FREE GROUND SHIPPING applies on orders of $500.00 or more and if the total order does not exceed 20.00 lbs.

Product Description

Forward and rear lamps are wired individually for selection control..Lenses feature inner spreader optics for wide-angle light dispersion and have a smooth outer surface which resists dirt build-up..Lightheads mounted in rugged, extruded aluminum I-Beam chassis. .Each lighthead includes mounting hardware and 20’ of 6- conductor shielded cable..StrobePlus+™ Models include 25’ of 11-C cable..May be ordered with optional West Coast mirror mount brackets. 9-1/2"W X 12"D X 2.5"H, Amber Or Red Only

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