Linear Smith Machine (5° Balnced Linear Smith)

Linear Smith Machine (5° Balnced Linear Smith)
SKU: 3BS-W53678

FREE GROUND SHIPPING applies on orders of $500.00 or more and if the total order does not exceed 20.00 lbs.

Product Description

Get a complete workout! The linear smith machine combines home gym saftey with free weight training at a very competitive price. The 700lb capacity olympic bar has teflon bushings that glide over hardened steel guide rods. The bar is carefully designed for proper lifting, traveling along a path 7 degrees from vertical. Finally, it is constructed of heavy 12-gauge steel with 7-gauge reinforcement plates. It's solid, it's versatile and it's built to last. Shown with optional Flex bench (IM-W53659). The linear Smith Machine is a great workout at a great price.

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