Iron Duck Base Board

Iron Duck Base Board

FREE GROUND SHIPPING applies on orders of $500.00 or more and if the total order does not exceed 20.00 lbs.

Product Description
Iron Duck´s BASE Board is the most rigid backboard in it´s weight class. Recent tests prove that this simple, effective and economical immobilization solution provides the lowest deflection in the 400 to 500 lb weight class! Flat patient surface won´t compromise CPR efforts or aggravate cervical spine injuries (as concave boards may). Fabricated from impervious, rotomolded HDPE shell over non-toxic ecofriendly foam. Subtle surface texture prevents slippage but is easy to clean. Fourteen oversized hand-holds accommodate gloved hands. 10 optional offset composite pins can be located in the lower third of the handholds, keeping pins out of the way when lifting patients.
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