Forensic Science Wound Package

Forensic Science Wound Package
SKU: NS-SB40137U

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Product Description

These wounds are the special stick-on wounds found in the Forensic Science Wound Simulation Training Kit (SB40136U). Use these to augment your existing casualty simulation kit. Three-year warranty. Includes two each of the following:1. Pattern ligature2. Slash3. Shotgun4. Intermediate range flake5. Intermediate range round6. Ecchymosis7. Petechiae8. Intermediate Range9. Shotgun Close Range10. Exit gunshot11. Contact gunshot12. Screwdriver13. Bite partial (not shown)14. Hesitation15. Single edge knife16. Blunt bat17. Bite complete (not shown)18. Double-edge knife19. Bunny ears exit wound20. Large exit wound21. Exit small wound22. Exit large wound23. Contact hand gun24. Exit wound ice pick

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