Cable, ECG, Multi-Link 3-Ld, Lead II, Ad, AHA/IEC

Cable, ECG, Multi-Link 3-Ld, Lead II, Ad, AHA/IEC
SKU: GE-2014815-001

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Product Description
Features/Benefits, Chemically resistive cable and leadwire coating, Easy to clean, resists chemical damage, Includes bedsheet clip, Secure connections ensure clear signals, Displays both AHA and IEC color coding for easy lead identification, Specifications, Lengths, Cable - 12 ft. (3.6M), Lead 2 Cable for Non-Selectable Systems, CE Marked, Use with SilverTRACE Disposable Oval Foam Electrodes E9001CB, Use with E9008MY (AHA) or E9008MZ (IEC) Multi-Link 3 Lead - Lead 2 Grabber Leadwires, Warranty Code L, Compatibility, GE Monitoring Systems with non-selectable leads, , , , , , (Note: Image may include more than product item itself and/or may be of a general product nature), , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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